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Paper Band Filter


The Udly paper Band Filter is a continuous self-cleaning gravity filter. Solids are removed as liquid flows through the filter media and are then discharged in a relatively dry condition into a dustbin. The Filter media is carried by an endless conveyor. The conveyor’s sloping sides create a deep pool for the liquid, while an inclined discharge ramp provides carry off for the waste. Udly Paper Band Filters are available in carbon and stainless steel to meet the most process requirement. Stainless models are ideal for all food processing. They meet FDA guidelines, handle corrosion resistant type applications and provide extra longevity for acidic environments. Custom unit are available in many types to meet the most demanding application.

Paper Band


  • Coolant Tank
  • Sludge master(filter)
  • Chiller, Heat Exchanger
  • Supply Pump (Delivery Pump)
  • Scrubbing Pump
  • Bed Flushing Pump
  • Transfer Pump
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Level Indicator
  • Automatic Control Panel
  • Wheel cleaning Pump
  • Chiller Pump
paper band Filter

Assured Customer Benefits:

  • Superior Surface finish & Quality
  • Faster Operation - Optimum Cycle time - higher productivity
  • Superior Life & performance of tool & cooling lubricants
  • Superior Process Reliability
  • Help to achieve proper R.A. (Roughness average) Value.
  • Maintain RA and RZ values.