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Rotary self-cleaning filter


Udly engineers designed Rotary self-cleaning filter to separate solid particle from liquid with the help of selected grade of mesh. URSF works fully automatic manual attention is not required.

The machine outlet is connected to inlet of URSF, liquid passes through suitable mesh and desired filtration is achieved. The chips particle get settled on rotary blade and is cleaned by air pressure, the dust that comes out is collected in dustbin.

rotary system


  • Industrial component washing machine
  • Pilling machine
  • Gun drill machine
  • Deep hole drill machine
  • CNC drilling machine
  • VMC
  • HMC
  • Gear hobbing machine

This system is suitable for water base and oil base liquid/coolant


  • Metal is removed in primary stage.
  • Eliminate floating and settling dust.
  • Filter media consumption lessens after using URSF.
  • Improves coolant life.
  • Improves wheel and tools life.
  • Reduced tank cleaning frequency
  • Process reliability