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Smart Mag


Smart Mag Coolant Filter is designed to separate ferrous solid particles with the help of magnetic drum.

The dirty coolant from machine drops into the inlet of magnetic filter, coolant passes between magnetic roller and body gap and dust is arrested by the magnetic drum. A rubber roller mounted on magnetic roller with spring tension arrangement. Rubber roller presses the wetted dust and only dry powder comes out in the dustbin. Smart Mag is suitable for water base coolant and oil base coolant (neat oil). Smart mag MOC is mild steel and stainless steel.

Smart Mag

Smart mag with cast iron dust

Smart mag with centerless griding machine

Smart mag with CNC chips

Smart mag with cam grinder

Smart mag with lapping machine

Smart mag with crank shaft grinding machine

Smart mag eith cylindrical grinding machine

Smart mag with honing machine

Smart mag with double disk grinder

Smart mag with bearing industry


  • Metal is removed in primary stage.
  • Eliminate floating and settling dust.
  • Filter media consumption lessens after using Smart Mag.
  • Improves coolant life.
  • Improves wheel and tools life.
  • Reduced tank cleaning frequency
  • Maintains RA value


Water Base Coolant

  • Grinding machine
  • Chip separator
  • Wire drawing machine
  • Induction heating
  • Motor shaft SS 420 grade
  • Cold rolling mill
  • Fine Boaring
  • Cast iron dust separator

Oil based coolant

  • Shaving process
  • Gear grinding
  • Teeth grinding
  • Honing machine
  • Super finishing machine
  • Grinding machine
  • Lapping Machine